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(L-R) Dr. Riaz Naseer, Dr. Shahida Naseer (St. Louis, MO) and Dr. Zahra Yousuf (Bloomfield Hills, MI) at Lugano, Switzerland

(L-R) Tour guide Yanica and her daughter Monica.  Mrs. Sara Ansari and Dr. Athar Ansari (Alpine, CA)

Almost all the Swiss Group minus the photographers. Severe cold forces early departure from this site.

St. Moritz in background. (Left Dr. Faiqa Qureshi (Norfolk, VA)  Dr. Naveed Iqbal (Bridgeton, NJ) (in red jacket)

Dr. Hassan Bukhari (Dallas, TX) and Mrs. Talat Bukhari drink from mineral waters which have a high iron content, are carbonated and reputed to impart youth. (St. Moritz)

Dr. and Mrs. Mohammad Raza (Trenton, NJ)

(L-R) Mrs. Abdul Qadir Memon (Houston, TX),  Mrs. Javed Iqbal and Dr. Javed Iqbal (Elizabethtown, KY)

Dr. Askar Qalbani and Mrs. Fahima Qalbani (Dakota Dunes, SD)

(L-R) Drs. Zahra Yousuf and  M. Shahid Yousuf (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

Dr. Athar Ansari and Mrs. Sara Ansari.  The sheer drop behind this rock makes sitting on the rock an act of dare devilry.
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