The journey begins at the Rialto Bridge. Here a street  art vendor takes a cigarette break. One can go through the deep inner city all the way to Roma Piazza where one boards buses for the city.

(L-R) Dr. Karim Nawaz Zafar, Dr. Ghazala Zafar (Sylvania, OH), Dr. Zahra Yousuf (Bloomfield HIlls, MI) Dr. Khwala Khan (Minnetonka,MN) Dr. Saeeda Mobinuddin (Columbus, OH),  Mrs. Dolores Arain and
Dr. Azizur Rahman  Arain (Oakbrook, IL)
Walking through short cuts we came across this beautiful church entrance and thoroughfare.

The streets are full of enchanting wares if one takes a path off the beaten track.

A bazaar like atmosphere awaits those daring to venture out on their own.

Some bargains seem too good to pass up even for window shopping.

Across many a plazas and squares they went.

Over bridges

Through narrow gulleys armed with the lone map for the group.

Sometimes stopping for ice cream cones.

All this was possible as this guy, in the center encouraged us to try out the route he suggested. He could speak Urdu "thora thora" as he told us. He worked for the Ganesh Restaurant . Other gossip
he told us was that Amitabh Bachan's son will be coming here to shoot a sequence.