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APPNA National Health Care Day (NHCD) June 5th, 2020  Photos from Toledo OH

(L-R) Drs. N. Khan, F. Tausif, Faiza Hussain EMT, Dr. Mahjabeen Islam   (Photo Courtesy Dr. Mahjabeen Islam)

(L-R) Dr. Faiza Hashmi , Faiza Hussain and Dr. Mahjabeen Islam  ((Photo Courtesy Dr. Mahjabeen Islam)

Dr. S. Rashid at the nephrology specialty booth   (Photo Courtesy Dr. Mahjabeen Islam)

Dr.Nadeem Khan DDS delivering care (Photo courtsy Dr. Furrukh Khan)
Below Dr.Maseehur Rehman counsels a patient.(Photo courtsy Dr. Furrukh Khan)

Dr.Tabinda Rehman         (Photo courtsy Dr. Furrukh Khan)                      (L-R)   Dr. Yasmeen Parvez and Dr.Faiza Hashmi  (Photo courtsy Dr. Furrukh Khan)


(Photo courtsy Dr. Furrukh Khan)