Munirabad Village Reconstruction Project
APPNA has constructed 128 homes for the villagers of Munirabad which was completely in the floods of 2010.

The Widow who sacrificed for others
Photo above shows Nazeer Begum , a Munirabad widow who preferred to live in a tent and temporarily loan her assigned home for the
purpose of establishing a health clinic . She has been homeless since floods which destroyed her home in 2010 (Photos Courtesy Mr. Babar Mughal)

Nazeer Begum with her two gransons
The two grandsons sit outside their tent and mud wall home. Children of this age are generally pleased to have their photos taken
The seriousness of their expressions perhaps point to emotions of sadness having lost their father and mother having abandoned them. If that
was not enough of a tragedy, they have to weather the floods. (Photo courtesy Mr. Babar Mughal)