(L-R) Dr. Naveed Chowhan, Mrs. Noreen Chowhan, Gov.Kentucky Steven L. Beshear, Dr. Sadaf  Masroor, Dr. Muhammad Masroor
Members from DOGANA who attended the Louiville KY APPNA  function too many to be individually mentioned (use scroll bar to see the full photo)

Mr. Greg Fischer  candidate for US Senate center, Dr. Babar Cheema right.

Government of Pakistan Award for APPPNA for humanitarian and charitable services rendered in Pakistan. Gov. Beshear of Kentucky hands award to
Dr. Abdul Rashid Piracha. (L-R_ Dr. Mahmood Alam (APPNA President 2008) Dr. Abdul R. Piracha ( APPNA President 2006) Dr. Afzal Arain (who has led many
medical relief missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Pakistan, Indonesia and other parts of the world), Gov. Steven L. Beshear and Dr. Zaka U Rahman  Chair of the local
host committee.