APPNA Still Has It

(Dr. Majid Toseef Aized 3rd from right)

As you scan the faces and expressions of the photo above, you will see a reflection of your own past. The photo above is us some 25 or 30 years ago only that our wait was easier and there were no visa delays. We had the visas within days. We carried it with ourselves. The entire family turned up at the airport. Many of the physicians had come as married couple within days of their marriage. There was no time for honeymoon. It did not matter. We were on to what we hoped was to be a better future. Sometimes there was such a hurry that some came straight from rukhsati as was the case of Drs. Waheed Akbar and Late Dr. Raana Akbar. The Akbars were to one day each become Presidents of APPNA.
The assemblage above is from the APPNA Doctors House of Detroit (ADHD). All of them above and many more who have come and gone on to greener pastures have all have had one benefactor and he is seen in the photo above, in a white labcoat third from right , Dr. Majid Toseef Aized. He alone has kept the flames of hope alive in all of those pictured above
and those yet to come. How Dr. Majid Aized does it one wonders for he is a 2nd year anesthesia resident. With all the pressures of work and study he oversees the career paths, creature comforts, food and shelter of these residents. Dr. Aized has done similar living arrangements in Philadelphia before coming here.
When the first article came about APPNA Doctors House on the listservers, there was a wave of enthusiasm in APPNA. This was something they could believe in and fund. Dr. Aized was not asking for much. He asked for $4200 per apartment unit per year for some 4 residents housing. The rest of the expenses would be borne by the young Pakistani doctors. Dr. Ayesha Najib (St.Louis MO) had already written a moving piece about this Doctors House. The story of Dr. Nida Khan of Baqui Medical College Karachi had already been published in these lists.
Now it was time for action. The first response came from KEMCAANA ( King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of North America). Within days  WAPPNA ( Women Physicians of APPNA) came forward to fund one unit for female doctors in Detroit. One occupant is already in Detroit and Dr. Nida Khan is expected in weeks.

Dr. Jalil Khan presenting ADHD

( Photo above shows acutal slide presented to the EC )
Then came the Executive Council meeting of Las Vegas,Nevada March 17th 2012 at the Aria Hotel. It had been decided that this matter was to be under the jurisdiction of CYP ( Committee for Young Physicians). Dr. Jalil Khan dwelled on a number of topics which were mundane as compared to the topic he brought before the executive council. Once he put this slide i.e. the Doctor House of Detroit slide, the audience at once perked up. They had been already heard all the wonderful things just one individual was doing ( Dr. Majid ). But what was APPNA doing ?
An electrifying wave swept the audience. Then from the audience suddenly Dr. Mohammad Suleman came forward and said he would fund one unit for one year. And then it happened once again Dr. Nasar Qureshi sped to the floor mike and said he would fund one unit of the ADHD for one year. That was the magical moment in 2 minutes 2 units had been spoken for. There was thunderous applause from the audience. Such is the heart of APPNA. Yes folks it still beats and feels for those it desires to help. I witnessed it all as I have done so many times before in the past 30 years.
M. Shahid Yousuf

Dr Nasar Qureshi
Dr. Nasar Qureshi (NJ) ( DMC 1982) addressing APPNA Executive Council Las Vegas NV March 17th, 2012

Dr. Tasneim Suleman and Dr. Mohammad Suleman
Dr. Tasneim Suleman and Dr. Mohammad Suleman (LA) (KEMC 1973) at the LV, NV Banquet March 17th, 2012
WAPPNA founding Members
WAPPNA founding members in Spring EC meeting of APPNA (L-R) Drs. Humeraa Qamar (FL), Naheed Chaudhry (Canada), Sarwat Iqbal ( PA ) and Shaheen Mian (MA).